FT-100 Faceplate Tabs


I just realized I never really published I made these on here. A few years ago I broke the retaining tabs that hold the control head to my FT-100 radio. I anguished because I had just sold my spare bezel to someone who had done the same thing, and at that point Yaesu told me they were completely out of stock on those and they were discontinued. So I just did what I do and made a 3D printable replacement. I designed them so that one does not need to remove the bezel at all. It can just wedge in the spot where the old tab was. Due to the "Sub-panel" being injection molded when there is a part that is free floating there has to be gap underneath so that the mould can support the retaining tab as it being formed. This hole allows the piece to be inserted. 

I made 2 inserts. One style for the top and one style for the bottom. I have been using them for years and they have worked well for me. 

If you need some. Please send me an email to contact@radiorework.com


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