Yaesu FT-90 Separation kit /YSK-90

 I have been working on a separation kit for the Yaesu FT-90. It’s very small and has been a challenge. The biggest issue it really the size. Finding four conductor cables with a sufficiently small diameter has been hard. I have been trying to make it fit the original form factor. I think I am pretty close to having one complete. I have had a few functional prototypes but the wire size remains an issue. 

I have tried using the wire from a TRRS extension cable and that seems to work but the conductors which are really just headphone cables seem pretty delicate. 

I may make a version that abandons the size and uses a 4P4C RJ type jack. It would not need to be too much larger. And all my other kits use them, I think it might work by adding a little depth to the head bracket to be able to use a RJ-12 or similar size jack.

If you are interested in getting one of these once I have finished creating them. Send me an email to contact@radiorework.com to get on the mailing list of interested people. 


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