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Yaesu FT-100 YSK-100 Separation Kit

If you are looking for the YSK-100 or other separation kit. This is the right place. Yaesu no longer makes their CT-5L cable. There are a few options: 1. Buy used. They sometimes come up on Ebay, or other resale methods. but they are usually expensive or connected to a radio purchase. 2. Buy third party. There are a few options for this. I provide one of these. I have a FT-100, a FT-8100, and a FT-8500. They all use the same cable the CT-5L. I made an set of adapters that lets you use your own Ethernet cable to connect the head to the body. The adapters screw on to the head and body of the radio using the original interface. There is no modification needed on the radio.   There is a bracket which is now discontinued, Yaesu part number MMB-72. The MMB-72 is quick disconnectable. The head unit slides on and snaps in place. If you cannot get a MMB-72 bracket I also have made some 3D printed brackets to fit the adapters I also have a 3D Printed Bracket that fits the small adapters, shown b