FT-100 and IC-706 Knobs

I have found that Yaesu no longer sells any knobs for the FT-100 and FT-100D, Icom also no longer sells any knobs for the 706 Series. I confirmed this by a phone call to their respective parts department. 

So if you want to not pay an arm and a leg for knobs for you FT-100 or Icom 706 Series radios. I modeled up some compatible knobs for each radio. I have a 706MKIIG but I am pretty sure all the 706 series use the same kind.

 I currently have for the FT-100/D:

Volume, RF gain/ Squelch, and Select knobs

IC-706 series:

Volume, Shift, M-CH, and RF/Squelch knobs 

If you need some, please send me an email to Contact@radiorework.com


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